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Oodles of laughs, puddles of tears and a lifetime of learning lead to this. Our Grand Ambassador, Lo

It’s a work in progress and so am I

I’ve always been a little scared of putting anything into the world that was less than perfection. I believed if something was unfinished or incomplete it was, somehow, less valuable or worthy. Waiting for the perfect moment, when the stars align and everyone and everything is exactly where you want them to be, is as elusive as catching a glimpse of a rainbow unicorn at sunset! So while I wait for that unicorn I'll just go ahead and share...

What's been happening?

I decided to move back to the UK almost one year ago. To let go of my nomad life and plant my feet somewhere for more than 3 months. In the Summer I realised that being the Nomad Yogi no longer felt right and it was time for a change. With a little help (actually a lot of help) from my friends, some creative scribbling, a fabulous photoshoot and endless cups of tea Nomad Yogi was no more and Lorna Green Yoga stepped into the light. Today this little seedling, in all its newness is planted in the online garden and rather like me, it needs some love and attention. Share with your friends, browse and shop some last minute Christmas goodies or book into the virtual studio from anywhere in the world. Take a tour now and check out Lorna Green Yoga.

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