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Every week we offer the chance for our staff to blog for us. This week we have James writing a piece about promotional work. James gives us an insight as to why he loves this industry.

Working in promo is a great way to​ get around and see new places. I've worked at the top of the Shard, where the views of London are truly spectacular; in Buckingham Palace, where I could marvel at the Palace's art collection and at events such as the Chelsea Flower Show, something I would never have thought to go to beforehand.

​And not just that, I got to see some of the best musicians perform at very close quarters. One event I was setting up for, one of the people on the stage started sound checking the piano, playing the first two chords of Moondance. "Ah nice," I thought, "I'll have some good music to work to." Then as the vocal started, it was an unmistakable voice, and I looked down at the stage from the balcony to see his familiar hat and dark jacket: I was working to a live performance of Van Morrison!

​Nuevo​ ​works all over the country, and gets contracts in all sorts of venues, so as a brand ambassador you'll see loads of places you might not have thought of seeing in your nearest city. ​Keep an eye on the Job Market in the staffing portal - you never know who might be sound checking!

​James McAnespy is an actor, writer and podcast host based in Belfast, who works promo with Nuevo in his spare time. He writes about acting and other subjects on his personal blog and hosts Ecumenical Matters - The Father Ted Podcast and None of That A Black Books Podcast.

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