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Join our NUEVO Staffing team!

We like to do things a little differently at NUEVO Staffing. That's because we have experience both agency side and in the field and we know that an engaged enthusiastic team is what delivers successful promotions and events for our clients.

That understanding translates into those little things, that we know go a long way. For instance being paid on the last day within the month you worked, regardless of when you worked in that month. Meaning if you've worked on the 30th July you get paid on the 31st July! Sounds good, right?

Event staff, Brand Ambassadors or Event Managers, if you are interested in working with some exciting clients as part of a valued team fill in our staff registration form and we'll be in touch! 

What our staff think!

The event was really good fun and the client was a pleasure too. The super prompt payment was the icing on the cake. Everything was dealt with in an efficient and friendly manor. It's nice to feel valued. 

Great company to work with and for! Lovely friendly team every time, with heaps of jollying from the office. Always pay on time, reliable, supportive, and super considerate! Sign up, get involved, and enjoy the ride

Great company to work for! So organised, friendly and professional. They also pay at the end of every month for any hours done that month! Can't wait to work more.

Working for NUEVO is an absolute pleasure. They are incredibly helpful and prompt with responses. I would recommend this agency for sure!! I look forward to the next time I get to work with them. 5 stars is just not enough

So impressive. Good clear communications. Fast payments. Great fun jobs. If only all agencies were like NUEVO. You are a star.

One of the best agencies I have worked with. Communication was on point and NUEVO are always on hand to answer any questions. Definitely want to be working for NUEVO in the future!

Staff FAQs


You will be representing a wide variety of brands and you'll be talking about different campaigns, encouraging others to check out the products and services, and influencing how others perceive these brands. This takes a lot of dedication, confidence in talking to the general public, a willingness to learn about new things, a personable character and reliability.


Our event managers not only have proven experience but a few extra qualities to make them the full package- excellent time management, good communication skills, attention to detail and ability to creatively solve problems. To become an event manager you would need to have experience which comes from starting out as a brand ambassador then trying your hand at team leading, eventually you would then be starting to mange your own campaigns. By this time you will have experience managing large teams, looking after the logistics and stock management and perhaps driving a van.


All of our event staff are paid on the last day of the month regardless of when you worked within that month. For example if you worked on the 5th of the month you will be paid on the last day of that month, and if you worked on the 29th you would also be paid on the last day. We believe in rewarding our staff quickly for a good job completed.
All of our staff are self employed so you must look after your own tax. You will not need to invoice, its all done automatically  through our database. 

But I still have questions!

That's no problem fill in the form below and we'll come back to you with some answers!

Thanks! Message sent.

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