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Introducing our new promotion scheme- Grand Ambassadors

We created an agency with its core values based on happy staff will make a great campaign.

Just as we listened to you about pay terms (we pay on the last day WITHIN the month you work- you work the 28th April you get paid 30th April), we’ve also been listening to you all about pay rates across the industry. The frustration comes with the lack of pay increase over the last 10 years. £10 per hour is industry standard for most but we understand the frustration of increased living costs against the original salaries. We also believe that great staff should be rewarded.

However there will be the argument of it being a fair rate, for a flexible job that you choose when you want to work around your own careers. I’ve always believed that if you want more pay then you have to prove to your employer why that is. We’ve all at some point, if employed have had to prove ourselves for pay rises.

Ok so you’re self employed, but you want career progression and you want a higher rate?

Welcome to our new promotion scheme within our work place. Great staff with exceptional skills and loyalty can get a higher wage FOREVER, but will also be appointed with the new job title of Grand Ambassador.

Nuevo Grand Ambassadors will strive to show;

•Loyalty to Nuevo Staffing, some of you share our posts and helps staff difficult locations off your own backs- we want to say a huge thank you!

•Excellent feedback on EVERY job

•They will have NEVER cancelled a shift

£2 pay rise on your hourly rate from Brand Ambassador to Team Leader and Event Manager. Meaning they will earn £12p/h as BA, £14 as TL and £17 as an EM. FOREVER. Promotions (pay rises) are not capped Grand Ambassadors can be promoted again!

Kick starting this we have promoted the first 5 staff to become Grand Ambassadors.

Congrats to Richard Banks, Helen Banks, Sophie Elisabeth Dervan, ChaCha Carter and Lorna Green!

Every month we will promote new Grand Ambassadors!

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